Centralised Management Tools for the Sports Industry

OnSide is a centralised management tool specifically developed for sporting organisations that deals with all the key elements of coaching from scheduling of staff  and timesheet processing through to attendee management and reporting.

OnSide improves your administration processes, increases efficiency and enhances  the accuracy of your data and reporting, saving you time and money.

  • Coaching Risk Assessment
  • Managing Governance and Procedures
  • Real time collaboration
  • Information sharing
  • Outcome and Diversity Reporting
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Provides for a safer environment
  • Integration capabilities – (Substance Views, Payroll etc)

Sports coaching is used to good effect with regards to engaging young persons within their community. There are a number of active programmes offered throughout the UK that cater for many thousands of young people. Many of these are run by the community sections of professional sports clubs.

Whilst the number and variety of clubs and organisations operating these sessions are varied, they all have the same duty of care and health and safety obligations with respect to the wellbeing of the participants, the coaches and the general public.

These range from Risk Assessments of venues through to vetting the coaches through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

More recently there has been a drive to report on diversity and outcomes of the programmes being run, often to validate funding applications. Traditionally this has involved the use of paper based systems completed by staff at the session, which are subsequently transcribed into the clubs information and reporting systems.

OnSide is a centralised management tool that deals with all the key elements of community coaching from scheduling and management of staff through to attendee recording and reporting, improving administration efficiency and accuracy of data. Developed over 5 years in conjunction with leading sports clubs it enables organisations to be confident that they can demonstrate good governance with regards to their duty of care and health and safety obligations for their staff and the young people as well detailed reporting of outcomes.

The detailed reporting capability ensures that key metrics are measured and are instantly available, removing the “have we met our participant metric?”, “have we met our male to female ratios?” conversation.

OnSide is easy to use, providing a simple and clear interface that enables a club or organisation to centrally manage all aspects of their coaching operations including scheduling, training, human resources and risk assessment. This simplicity is carried over to the mobile devices used by the coaching staff.


The very nature of sports coaching dictates that coaches are not sitting at a PC when they most require functionality. A key element of the service is its accessibility. Onside can be accessed from any internet enabled device from any location, including whilst on the field via any smartphone.

The information exchange between the mobile devices and the central system is in real-time ensuring important alerts regarding any incident are transmitted instantaneously. In the event of a coach having poor internet reception or battery failure, Onside will update the server the next time it connects, having protected all entered information, ensuring nothing is lost.

The ability to record session information by an individual coach makes time sheets a breeze, reducing hours spent consolidating individual pieces of paper to a few clicks.

To ensure maximum compatibility, OnSide will function on any internet or network connected Apple or Android mobile device including tablet devices.

OnSide has been designed to minimise the amount of input a coach has to make to record the session information and uses ‘AI’ to pre-populate Attendee listings, vastly simplifying the registration process.

Accidents and Incidents are recorded in real-time with accurate location and time-stamping at the push of a button. These can be automatically distributed in real-time to those that need to know.


OnSide has a universal API system that allows the integration with other systems and applications. This enables synchronisation of Session and Attendee information with legacy Reporting systems such as Upshot or Views from Substance – reducing multiple data entry.