Man-Guarding, Managed

OnGuard is a management solution developed in conjunction with and specifically for man-guarding organisations. Providing real-time management of remote workforce with full operative auditing via geo-tagging and time-stamping, Integrated scheduling, timesheet management and incident reporting, freeing up your organisation to focus on improving your client service.

  • Management and Risk Assessment
  • Managing Governance and Procedure, ensuring only correctly qualified resources are allocated to tasks
  • Real time collaboration and Information sharing, with automated alerts
  • Geo-tag, timestamp for all events, so you know who is where
  • Integrated Blockchain repository, providing proof of event via an immutable record
  • Shift and event scheduling, with integrated Clash functions to ensure Holiday and Training bookings aren’t overbooked
  • Online Document library, ensuring all required information is to hand
  • Full audit trail
  • Fully Managed service, no software install


STM Group UK Ltd

“We were attracted to Catenae's solution because it consolidated all of our data reporting requirements into a single platform.”

— Hannah Bridgman, Commercial Director

Viper Cleaning Services

“We were pleased to have the opportunity to use Catenae's solution. This technology enables us to bring a new level of safety, efficiency and visibility to the business.”

— Belinda Smith, Commercial Director