Data Visualisation

Data is the raw intel that any business or organisation needs. Clearly presented, segmented data gives you a powerful tool to make informed decisions and quickly take action, keeping you in control.

We offer fully customisable, dynamic 'Data Intelligence Dashboards'. They provide full visibility of what's happening within a population. Our dashboards provide the capability to drill down to a truly granular level on multiple data sets. For example, during the pandemic businesses can see Covid-19 hotspots or administered vaccines by location, gender and ethnicity.

Furthermore, the Operating System can send push notifications, SMS or emails to individuals, specific groups or the whole registered population.

The ability to analyse the effectiveness of interventions and adapt, improve and communicate en masse is a significant benefit to businesses, organisations and Government.

Examples of instant access anonymised data analytics to manage, measure and monitor Covid-19 impacts include:

  • Covid-19 vaccination
  • Date of next Covid-19 booster
  • Antigen
  • Date of last Antigen test
  • Antibody (IgA & IgM, IgG)
  • Date of last Antibody test
  • Influenza
  • Date of last Influenza test
  • Date of last Influenza vaccination
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Location (to 9 levels of granularity)