Providing the technology that makes healthcare stronger

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented global healthcare emergency. As of June 25th, almost 9.5 million cases have been confirmed worldwide, with over 473,000 deaths1. Mortality rates in some countries have been 50% higher than usual.

A crisis in global healthcare

These sombre figures are the background to a crisis in an already overstretched global system: the World Health Organisation predicts that by 2035 there will be a shortage of 12.9 million healthcare professionals worldwide.2

Pressure on acute services

In the UK, the NHS has reacted magnificently to the pandemic, but the system is under immense pressure. Besides dealing with COVID-19 itself, which saw 3099 hospital admissions in one day at the peak3, the service has seen other acute care provision suffer, with London experiencing a 38% drop in emergency heart surgery in the second half of March4 and over two million people across the country waiting for cancer screening, tests and treatment by the start of June5.

The vital partnership of health care and technology

Put simply, healthcare systems need help if they are to continue to offer staff and users peace of mind in their ability to deliver, in the current extraordinary times. This brings into focus the vital importance of partnerships between health organisations and the technology providers who can help them evaluate, manage and stay ahead of evolving issues in the populations they serve. Both in more normal times and during a black swan event like the current pandemic.

Enabling control through trusted technology

One such partner is Catenae: we work alongside health groups to strengthen and expand their reach and impact, both now and in the future. As a technical solutions provider specialising in blockchain solutions, we deliver trusted, secure answers to real-time workforce management, paperless inspection and reporting, scheduling, timesheet management and incident reporting. This ensures frontline staff are freed up to spend their time focussed where it matters; on the patient. Put simply: technical innovation which delivers control through delivering certainty and empowering people, businesses and communities.

Confidence in a ‘new normal’ reality

As societies cautiously emerge from lockdown into a ‘new normal’ reality, Catenae is helping to ensure that both health providers and the populations they serve can do so with confidence and peace of mind, based on the partnerships we build between care and technology.

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