31 May 2018

Trust in Media signs first agreement


("Catenae" or the "Company")


Trust in Media signs first agreement

Catenae (AIM:CTEA), the AIM quoted provider of digital media and technology, is pleased to announce that its joint venture subsidiary, Trust in Media Ltd (“Trust in Media” or “TiM”) has signed its first agreement for the provision of TiM’s Fanbase service to one of the UK’s largest entertainment promoters representing some major names in the music industry.


Trust in Media will provide event marketing and social media analytical services for a number of artists playing at events held at racecourses over the summer months.  The Fanbase service utilises information gathered via TiM’s analytics platform to analyse sales via Ticketmaster’s ticketing to provide the client with in-depth information regarding the engaged audience, identifying the most influential fans from a social media perspective and those who are triggering the greatest spend.  This information gathered with TiM’s GDPR compliant platform provides invaluable targeting information to the client for both current and subsequent social media based marketing and sales campaigns.


The agreement provides TiM with ongoing transactional revenues based upon ticketing and merchandise sales campaigns for a number of events.


Martin Heath of Trust in Media commented:

“Our platform utilises the best assets for any business, 1. customers, 2. their networks and 3. the huge reach of social media, combining to provide the client with valuable audience insights. Using tracked offers and targeted campaigns opens access to a huge and growing ecommerce market. Our pilots to date have achieved a 19% click to sale ratio, around 20x normal conversion rates and 70% of sign-ups have come from users referring friends peer-to-peer via social networks. We expect to see those same ratios for these campaigns.”


Tony Sanders, CEO of Catenae, commented:

“We are pleased that the first agreement signed by TiM since the forming of the JV in March 2018 has been delivered ahead of schedule and is set to make a positive revenue contribution from the start date.

The expectation is that the contribution of this agreement will gather momentum over the course of the next quarter, thus further highlighting the merits of the TiM relationship as stated in March.”


This announcement contains inside information for the purposes of Article 7 of EU Regulation 596/2014. The person who arranged for release of this announcement on behalf of the Company was Tony Sanders (Chief Executive Officer).


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