Catenae Test & Vaccination Passport App: Reopening the economy and resuming normal life

The UK has led the world with the success of its vaccination and rapid testing programmes. However, to truly open up the economy and get back to a normal way of life, citizens need to have a safe and trusted way to be able to mix in large groups again - whether for work, travel, leisure or recreation. The solution: A Test & Vaccination Passport.

Catenae's Test & Vaccination Passport App is powered by a secure, fast, scalable and universal Operating System which can make Test & Vaccination Passports a reality - today.

How it Works

  1. Individual's test or vaccination is recorded on a Public Health database.
  2. Individual downloads the secure App.
  3. Individual registers their details within the App and is verified against the Public Health database.
  4. Individual is generated a unique QR code within the App which is linked to their unique record.
  5. Individual presents the QR code for scanning by Gatekeeper.
  6. Gatekeeper receives confirmation of the individual's test or vaccination status.
Test & Vaccination Passport App Flow

The Catenae Test & Vaccination Passport App is


Fully Secure

  • Data remains in the Public Health database - it is not stored on anyone's device.
  • QR code is unique and cannot be fraudulently tampered with or used by anyone else Contactless system, further ensuring health security.
  • ISO 27001 Certified.
  • GDPR compliant.
Ready to go and Scalable

Ready to go and Scalable

  • Can be rolled out with immediate effect.
  • Additional datapoints can be added if required, for example Yellow Fever Vaccination for certain international travel.


  • Over 84% of UK adults have a smart phone.
  • For individuals who do not have access to a smart device or cannot easily use the technology, their unique QR code can be printed onto a card.
Universal, quick and easy

Universal, quick and easy

  • Works on any Smart device.
  • Simple interface.
  • Single, approved, verifiable source for all vaccination passport requirements: from private sector, airlines and Border Force to local government, recreation and events.

Catenae Test & Vaccination Passport App: Developed in the UK. Managed in the UK. Protecting everyone.