Who are Catenae Innovation

Catenae Innovation are a Technical solutions provider specialising in Distributed Ledger Technology (blockchain) solutions that solve commercial challenges and create opportunities for our clients.

Our Products

OnSite DLT

OnSite DLT is a modular and flexible mobile management, inspection and reporting solution that addresses the needs of a wide range of sectors. Combining real-time management of remote workforce, paperless inspection and reporting, encompassed with an audited proof of work underwritten by the immutability of blockchain. We meet the demands...

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OnSide is a centralised management tool specifically developed for sporting organisations that deals with all the key elements of coaching from scheduling of staff  and timesheet processing through to attendee management and reporting. OnSide improves your administration processes, increases efficiency and enhances  the accuracy of your data and reporting, saving you time...

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OnGuard is a management solution developed in conjunction with and specifically for man-guarding organisations. Providing real-time management of remote workforce with full operative auditing via geo-tagging and time-stamping, Integrated scheduling, timesheet management and incident reporting, freeing up your organisation to focus on improving your client service. • Management and Risk...

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Our Clients and Partners

A selection of some of our clients and partners



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Catenae present at the Investor Forum

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Click the link below, this will open in a new tab Tony Sanders and Alan Simpson present Sequestrum and OnSite
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Alan Simpson interview

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Click the link below Alan Simpson interviewed by Zak Mir
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What Our Clients Say

“We were attracted to Catenae’s solution because it consolidated all of our data reporting requirements into a single platform.”

Hannah Bridgman Commercial Director @ STM Group UK Ltd

“We were pleased to have the opportunity to use Catenae’s solution. This technology enables us to bring a new level of safety, efficiency and visibility to the business”

Belinda Smith Commercial Manager @

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