Operating System Overview

Catenae's Operating System: Overview

Highly regulated industries need products that provide irrefutable, compliant sources of truth.

This is what Catenae provides. Data entered on our blockchain-based systems can never be fraudulently tampered with. Our GDPR compliant range of products:

  • Validate the identity or health status of individual employees, service providers or customers.
  • Confirm they hold the required certification, accreditations and any specific approvals required to enter a location and/or carry out their job.
  • Enable managers to remotely schedule work shifts and tasks..

The Catenae Operating System comprises of fully customizable Mobile Apps, intelligent dashboards and a fully secure system to manage data uploads and transfers.

  1. Individual's details are compliantly entered into platform. This can be any details required to run business operations.
  2. These data touchpoints are fed into Dynamic Dashboards.
  3. Managers can use the Dashboards to see any upcoming requirements (e.g. certification renewals, Covid test or vaccination status, site Access Control) monitor operations, staffing levels and more.
  4. Individuals, teams, locations or the entire company can be communicated to via a push-notification, SMS or email.
  5. Data can be securely and compliantly transferred, for example Covid test results can be uploaded to UK public health bodies' Covid databases.
  6. Automated reminders can be set up, for example certification renewals, reducing manual administration and mitigating business risks.
  7. Additionally, managers can schedule shifts, set tasks (e.g. safety inspection reports) and employees can confirm the tasks have been completed and securely upload reports.

Safe & Secure

Our operating system is secure on multiple levels:

  • Due to the nature of blockchain, all transactions cannot be fraudulently tampered with. Any alterations are automatically written to the blockchain, meaning the original source documents or transactions will always be available for cross reference and a full audit trail of all transactions, alterations and updates can be provided for validation of identity and Covid-19 status.
  • Catenae can also host the operating system for you.
  • All servers are mirrored reducing the risk of data loss.
  • Optionally, our operating system is held within your own secure network it will use all your security systems and protocols.
  • Synovate Global can also host the operating system for you.
  • Sign on glass for extra administrator validation.
  • Iris recognition for added user security.
  • ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials accredited


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Our services are delivered from highly efficient elastic infrastructures.